So·lo (z), is THE ERA footwork crew’s Debut EP. The entire project is centered around single rounds of “footwork with words” that feature each member of the crew on tracks individually. The concept of So·lo (z) was inspired by footworker’s who soloed at the end of dance group performances at local competitions in Chicago known as “dance downs”. The five track EP lets you inside the personality of each member while giving you the experience of what it feels like soloing over footwork beats as dancers, ending with their latest track “Get U Some”. With narrations from Korprate, Chicago rapper/ comedian, productions from Teklife producers DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Earl, Slick Shoota and for the first time, lyrics are laid over an RP Boo masterpiece, THE ERA look to further bridge the gap between footwork and hip-hop while showing they’re development as upcoming artist in both, dance & music.

In November of 2015, The Era began expanding into making music, rhyming on footwork tracks by some of Chicago's most important producers including DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Clent and others. IN THE WURKS is The Era's first FM (footwork mixtape), adding lyrical content to tracks all about Footwork and how they came from Chicago's allies to headlining across the world as The Era. They dive into their lives surrounding this and their views on the culture itself.